Teeth extractions with immediate implant (35-36) and regeneration using MimetikOss Granules

(by Dr. Norberto Manzanares)

Mucoperiosteal detachment

Bone drilling and root excision

Significant bone defects in the residual alveoli

Drilling of the new surgical socket within the residual socket

Crushing small bone spicules to mix them with MimetikOss

Filling the bone defects with MimetikOss

Collagen membrane placement and suture

Clinical status at 3 days

Clinical status at 3 months

Delivery of definitive prosthesis at 3 months

At 3 months

At 1.5 years

At 2 years

At 2 years

From Left to Right: Surgery day - Regeneration at - 2 weeks - View at 4 years

Correct mineralization at 4 years

First image: Bone level following the tooth extraction
Lat image: New bone level at 4 years

At 4 years