Socket preservation (1) (by Dr. Ignacio Ginebreda)

Age: 83 y/o; Gender: Woman; General health condition: Osteoporosis, Generalized Arthritis, Artrosis, ASA I Meds: Diclofenac, Fosamax (Alendronic Acid) for 15 years; not taking since 5 years. Previous Surgeries: Bilateral hip replacement, Sinus augmentation, and simultaneous implant placement 12 years ago. Dental Diagnosis of interest: Partial edentulism. Cervical Caries with furcation involvement in tooth #4.7; Classified as a Non-restorable tooth. Treatment Plan: Extraction and socket preservation. Implant Placement in #4.7 and #4.6 in a later stage. Screw retained Implant-supported crowns.

Pre Op

Atraumatic Extraction

Intact Socket

Socket grafting with Mimetikoss

A-PRF membrane covering

Final Suture

Pre Extraction CBCT

2 years post grafting CBCT*

* Patient didn’t come back for implant placement appointment for 2 years.