Sinus Graft
(by Dr. Norberto Manzanares)

* Age: 67 years. * No known allergies. * No pathological background of interest. * Presents severe posterior bone atrophy in the left upper jaw. Treatment plan: * Sinus lift: Sinus Lift and Sinus Graft * Biomaterial: MimetikOss. * Placement of titanium implants at 14 and 16. * Internal biopsy of the regenerated area in the sinus.

Preparation of the lateral window using the Piezoelectric device.

Elevation of the Schneiderian membrane.

Placement of a collagen membrane on the roof of the sinus area that’s about to get regenerated.

Preparation of MimetikOss bone graft

CBCT at 6 months.

Turn up the volume to hear the tapping sound of the incorporated MimetikOss particles in the bone outside the sinus

Placement of the implants. Important “primary stability”.
55 Ncm in implant 14 and 65 Ncm in implant 16

Extraction of the sample for histological study of zone 17.

Filling the biopsy defect with MimetikOss and placing the transepithelials on the implants to avoid performing the 2nd phase.

Histological study result at 6 months.

We can observe the perfect tolerance of the tissues in contact with MimetikOss Granules

X-ray at 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years