Alveolar preservation technique after the loss of a central

(by Dr. Norberto Manzanares)

Extraction and curettage

Drilling of the surgical socket.

Why use an expander?

Implant placement, maximum stability.

Screwing the impression transfer before placing MimetikOss Granules.

Infra-periosteal tunneling technique: Contact between the contact of the periosteum and the bone crest. We reach the bone then we pass over the vestibular cortex creating a second gap.

Placement of MimetikOss Granules between the 2 gaps

Closure of the defect with a collagen membrane and tension-free suture

Taking impressions

Placement of the transepithelial

We observe the increase in vestibular volume thanks to MimetikOss Granules

X-ray follow-up

Provisional tooth

Patient at 12 hours

Removal of the suture

Fibrin action in the tissues and the bone graft

Perfect adaptation of the bone graft to the formation of the new bone crest around the implant

Screwing in the provisional prosthesis

at 6 days

at 12 days

at 21 days

At 1 month

At 2 months

Initial status

At 5 years

Preservation of large vestibular volume

Initial status

At 5 years: we observe bone growth in the bone ridges