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Today Mimetis can design patient-specific bone graft scaffolds based on the patient’s TAC. MimetikOss 3D is ideal for complex defects

It is Highly Porous

The nano-, micro- and macro-porosity favors the adsorption of proteins and cell adhesion. Therefore, it facilitates the colonization of the graft by bone cells. Also, it supports the vascularization and the growth of newly formed bone. 

Also, at the macro level, the adjustments of the impression allow to obtain an open and interconnected porosity that favors the vascularization and the colonization of the tissues.

It is Biomimetic

Biomimetic hydroxyapatite compound deficient in calcium and β-TCP. This is why the body recognizes it as the patient’s own bone, so the use of the graft presents no risk of rejection or infection.

It is Patient-Specific

Overall, MimetikOss 3D is biomimetic synthetic bone graft that is custom made. In other words, it is based on the anatomy of the patient. Thus, this allows a perfect fit of the graft with the bone defect even for complex geometries.

In addition, during the manufacturing process, the precise control of the architecture of the porosity. Specifically, the size of the interconnected network of pores. Further, it allows adapting the response of the body to the bone graft.

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What happens post-implantation?

It is important to note that the patient’s cells and immune system recognize MimetikOss as natural bone. Therefore, it allows the body to include the graft in the cycle of physiological bone remodeling. In fact, the physiological integration of MimetikOss provides key clinical aspects, such as synchronizing vascularized bone formation and the degradation of the biomaterial. All of the above go hand-in-hand with the patient’s metabolism, ensuring, in the same fashion, the defect’s volumetric stability.

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