Patient-specific MimetikOss 3D bone grafting (by Dr. Norberto Manzanares)

Loss of implant in position 22 and bone resorption

We observed the bone defect in 22 with total loss of the vestibular table.
We also see regenerated bone distal to the defect in the previous intervention

Cleaning the socket and milling with a diameter that is 0.5 mm smaller than the scaffold

Opening the blister with the 3D scaffold

Loss of the entire vestibular and occlusal wall. Checking the perfect fit of the scaffold in the defect. The scaffold has been designed according to the patient's CT scan.

Hydrating the scaffold for 5 minutes before inserting it in the defect

At 3 weeks

At 5 months

At 5 months

Wide bone regeneration

At 5 months

At 5 months

X-ray at at scaffold placement

X-ray at at 5 months

High primary stability (45Nw)

We can see the wide bone width achieved thanks to MimetikOss 3D

X-ray on the same day and at 1 year