Mimetis Receives Grants from the European Union

Mimetis has received numerous grants & awards from the European Commission and other Spanish, European & international entities.  This support goes to Mimetis innovative work that continues to lead to patented solutions that disrupt bone grafting. Not only did Mimetis bring a biomimetic bone graft, but it has also developed a patient-specific graft that accommodates the most challenging cases. (Click here to see our full grants and awards list)

MimetikOss, the Smart Biomaterial

Thanks to the development of knowledge around the biomaterial / biological environment interaction at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels, today, Mimetis is capable of developing biomaterials that are explicitly characterized by specific cells’ ability to help the body heal and repair its tissues naturally. Consequently, these biomaterials achieve this ability by following physiological processes. In essence, these biomaterials are the fourth generation biomaterials. They are also called “smart biomaterials.” To sum up, they are designed more as tools to help the body heal itself than as a materials.

The project Bone3Dmatch undoubtedly revolutionizes the market of bone grafting with a new generation of synthetic biomaterials.  The European Union has granted Mimetis with 1.1M€ for developing a new bone grafting solution. In summary. the solution is synthetic, biomimetic and patient-specific, offering shaking disruptions in bone grafting, whether in the concept or in the performance. (Read More)

The European Commission grants Mimetis €320K for its participation in the European Project Maxibone

The European Commission announced, at the beginning of the year 2018, the launch of a European initiative. Markedly, the experiments aim to validate the efficacy of different biomaterials applied to the bone. The EU Commission granted Mimetis 320,000 Euros for its participation.(Read More)