Mimetis Biomaterials was a biomedical company founded as a spin-off. Originally, it derived from the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering (BBT) group of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). 

First, the problem particularly was that then available bone graft substitutes were so far outdated. In addition, they were unadapted to cover the increasing need for bone regeneration at that time. Unquestionably, the challenge was the absence of a synthetic biomimetic product that allows:

Above all, the formation of new bone that is by all means highly vascularized. Accordingly, it results in high interaction with soft tissue. Also, it minimizes inflammation. Furthermore, an important option was the possibility to customize it, occasionally, where patient-specific customization is needed.  

Consequently, Key Opinion Leaders in the dental and orthopaedic sectors then designed MimetikOss. They then validated the synthetic biomimetic bone graft substitute, along with researchers in Tissue Engineering. Eventually, everybody who participated in this process, became shortly after, either partner or investor.

Therefore, Mimetis undoubtedly answers all those features a surgeon especially needs in a bone graft substitute. Today, it offers MimetikOss, a synthetic biomimetic bone graft substitute that mimics the mineral part of the bone, contributing to the formation of a highly vascularized bone, and patient-specific when needed. In conclusion, MimetikOss is versatile and covers bone regeneration needs up to the most challenging cases.

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Printing biomimetic personalised bone grafts.

What are bone grafts and when are they used?

Nanostructure of MimetikOss: the only biomimetic bone graft.

MimetikOss The first biomimetic Synthetic Bone Graft

Awards & Financing


Mimetis Biomaterials won the award for the second finalist of the Bio Emprenedor XXI award. That explicitly recognizes business projects in the life sciences sector, along with the highest growth potential.

Mimetis won the IX Entrepreneur XXI Award in Catalonia. As a matter of fact, it’s an initiative that Caixa promotes and supports, in addition to the support of Barcelona Activa. Finally, the Ministry of Industry also co-manages this event. 

This Fair rewarded the best innovations in that year: MimetikOss, the first biomimetic bone graft on the market. Further, the Mimetis team received:

Eureka Jury Prize

Eureka Innovation Award

Medicine and Health Award

Haller PRO INVENTIO Foundation Award

Mimetis received the award for being the best spin-off company of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) 2015. In fact, the Social Council of the UPCawarded the company in its 10th edition of the Research Valorisation Award. Notably, the award distinguishes the work of the UPC research groups.

In 2017, the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness (AEDEEC) awarded the gold medal for merit at work to Mimetis Biomaterials. Moreover, the medal aimed to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit within the European framework, and that was to a limited selection of companies, institutions, and professional experts. The latter groups chiefly belong to various sectors. As a consequence, that promoted entrepreneurial awareness and the excellent work of companies.


In the first place, Mimetis Biomaterials received support from the Ministry of Economy and Competitivity. Initially, this happened through competitive public assistance NEOTEC. Consequently, MINECO granted Mimetis the support of more than € 170,000 for two years.This accelerated, as a result, the development of the spin-off company of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Secondly, Mimetis team also obtained a grant of € 63,000 from the “Horizon Pyme 2016” line of aid. The objective altogether of this public assistance was to favor the identification and technical assessment of new vital opportunities, as well as their economic assessment. Finally, Mimetis allocated the funding received mainly to the development of exhaustive market analysis. Similarly, the study focused on the bone regeneration sector in orthopedics and traumatology.

In 2018, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) granted a public aid of the PID line (Research and Development Projects.) Correspondingly, the grant summed up to 488,000 euros to Mimetis . Admittedly, the financing received is part of the funds that the company allocates to research and development of the biomimetic base for bone regeneration.

Maxibone consists mainly of different clinical and preclinical trials that aim to validate the efficacy of different biomaterials applied to the bone. Mimetis explicitly participates in the project of preclinical validation of biomaterials made to measure using 3D microextrusion: a three-dimensional bioprinting technique. In effect, Mimetis received a grant of 320,000 euros for the realization of this study. Practically, it will develop the research over four years ending in 2021.

Principally, the aid for industrial doctorate aims to train doctors in companies. Practically, this is achieved by co-financing the employment contracts of research personnel in training who participate in an industrial research project of Mimetis.

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