Maxillary sinus with existing perforation of the Schneiderian membrane treated with MimetikOss (by Dr. Norberto Manzanares)

Very significant pneumatization of the maxillary sinus and severe atrophy of the bone crest

Initial status of the case

We start milling using Piezo tool and diamond ball bur.

Detachment of the remains of the sinus membrane in the area of ​​the perforation.

Creation of the new sinus floor with porcine cortical membrane and collagen membranes.

After creating the new roof  we began to place MimetikOss in the sinus cavity to be regenerated.

Finally we place another membrane that covers the sinus window, the bone defect and the bone crest.

Radiological comparison between the pre and postoperative period after the use of MimetikOss

X-ray images one month after the intervention.

Slight communication due to which we lost some grafted material.

Complete wound closure and imaging 7 months following the intervention.

Flap reopening where we observe good external bone regeneration with abundant particles attached to the bone.

Regularization of the ridge where we observe that “no” graft particles are detached despite milling.

Hard bone observed when using the expanders and new bone formation is observed inside the created alveolus.

Insertion of the implants at 55Ncm inside the sinus bone.

Tissue imaging at 2 months

Placement of the prosthesis on the left side and right image 3 years after the definitive prosthesis.

X-Ray images of the bone graft with MimetikOss at the time of placement, at 6 months and at 3 years.

X-Ray images of the bone graft with MimetikOss at 3 years.