Lost Implant 36
(by Dr. Norberto Manzanares)

Screwing in the implant with good primary stability

3 weeks after the insertion of the implant, we observe a severe peri-implantitis with bone loss

We decided to remove said implant, cure and ream the socket with the damaged bone, so that bone regeneration starts in the socket

Drilling and placement of the new implant to the mesial side of the previous one. We then filled the defect with MimetikOss and closed with fast reabsorption membranes and sutures

Tissue in perfect condition. Implant placement at 3 months.

The X-RAY shows a perfect regeneration in height and thickness of the tissues

The biocompatibility of MimetikOss at the level of hard tissues is just as good with soft tissues since we allow the particles of this biomaterial to incorporate into the soft tissue with an important rapid anti-inflammatory action.

Observe the width of the bone and the good emergence of the soft tissue

In this image, we can still see some MimetikOss Granules

In this image, we can observe a correct mineralization